Reserving rooms and facilities


Due to technichal difficulties, our online reservation system is unfortunately not currently available.


For the forseeable future, reservations will therefore be taken manually.


If you wish to reserve a room or facility at the StudentenD0k, please send an e-mail to:

Make sure your e-mail contains:

  • The name of the student organisation for which you would like to make a reservation;
  • The date for which you would like to make a reservation;
  • The starting time and end time of the reservation you wish to make;
  • The room(s) or facility (or facilities) you would like to reserve.
We will note your reservation, and send you a confirmation of your reservation as a reply to your e-mail. 
If the room(s) or facility (or facilities) you wish to reserve are not available, we will, if possible, propose a fitting alternative. 

Any reservations made through this website before 14:00 on 29-03-2023 have already been recorded into the new system. 



Notification: Due to the Déjà VU Festival, the StudentenD0k will not be available for regular use on 15-06-2023

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